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Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by tony dunne, Jan 2, 2004.

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  1. tony dunne

    tony dunne Guest

    Any one any suggestions on building an mp3 player
  2. Hi Tony,

    Google? is a good start.

  3. tony dunne

    tony dunne Guest

    Thank you very much Wolfgang Mahringer
    do you knoow anything about freebsd ?
  4. mike

    mike Guest

    Winamp + pc
    Unless you had some additional requirements that
    you didn't state...
    There's no way you can build one for less than you
    can buy one...unless you had some special requirements
    you failed to state...

    Return address is VALID.
    Bunch of stuff For Sale and Wanted at the link below.
    Toshiba & Compaq LiIon Batteries, Test Equipment
    Honda CB-125S $800 in PDX
    TEK Sampling Sweep Plugin and RM564
    Tek 2465 $800, ham radio, 30pS pulser
    Tektronix Concept Books, spot welding head...
  5. Chaos Master

    Chaos Master Guest

    mike[] said this in sci.electronics.components, at Fri, 02 Jan .

    Currently, a PC with Winamp plus a plug-in for Winamp that can drive a LCD display
    would be the easiest way to make a MP3 player.
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