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MP3 Encoding and Decoding IC suggestions

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by J.A. Legris, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. J.A. Legris

    J.A. Legris Guest

    I want to add MP3 encoding and decoding to an existing instrument (8-
    bit microcontroller-based) so we can play audio samples obtained
    either in the filed or else distributed on SD cards. Can anyone
    suggest a low-cost IC that includes integrated record, playback and SD
    access functions?
  2. Gary Tait

    Gary Tait Guest

    Look into the SOCs used in typical MP3 players. Depending, you may be able
    replace you current micro and use the SOC, or interface the two with a
    serial bus.
  3. J.A. Legris

    J.A. Legris Guest

    Are you familiar with the following products? I'm wondering if they
    are widely used.

  4. mpm

    mpm Guest

    Atmel offers a couple 8051 derivatives that support MP3, local play &
    record, and removable memory. Not exactly what you're looking for if
    you're wanting to keep your existing processor.

    Go here:

    Also, Winbond has several proprietary record/playback solutions, but
    none that support removable flash memory. At least, not last time I
    checked. Good luck. -mpm
  5. how long is the recordings?

    how offen will you replace the records.

  6. J.A. Legris

    J.A. Legris Guest

    The recordings are up to 30 minutes in length and they could be
    replaced qute frequently. The user might be swapping SD cards from a
    library of sounds, or recording new sounds at any time.

    The Atmel processors suggested by mpm above are just about perfect
    except they have no MP-3 encoding, just decoding. I may have to use a
    DSP with some licensed software (yuck!). Maybe I can make an
    unlicenced encoder using an op-amp, a decoder and a genetic
    algorithm ;-)
  7. mpm

    mpm Guest

    Are you sure about that??
    I'm almost positive their development board supports recording
    Maybe they're not doing that with the processor, but I thought they

    Take another look at this Atmel reference design.
    It clears says "voice recording/playing"


    Can you email me offline with your application?
    We do something similar here, and if our markets or products don't
    overlap, I'd be happy to tell you how you can solve this whole thing
    from China. For low dollars, right off the shelf.
  8. J.A. Legris

    J.A. Legris Guest

    Sorry, I can't divulge any secrets just yet ;-)

    I don't see any evidence of MP-3 encoding on any of the above Atmel
    devices, but they do mention making .wav files:

    If I'm stuck I may resort to using .wav files instead of MP-3.

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