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Mouser vs. Digikey

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by JW, Nov 12, 2012.

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  1. JW

    JW Guest

    Anybody notice that the price of shipping has skyrocketed when buying from

    Needed a single SO-8 pin chip for a repair on a HP 34970A.

    Both companies had the part for about $1.48.

    Digikey shipping: $2.80
    Mouser shipping $6.99

    Both ship USPS.

    Sheesh. I'll think twice before buying from Mouser in the future, unless
    they're the only one that has the part I need.
  2. Ecnerwal

    Ecnerwal Guest

    Mouser also plays games with the UPS shipping, so use the US Mail option
    when you can - I had them ship a package to work, which is a real
    workplace with staff sitting there to receive packages, and they charged
    me the higher "residential" rate. They also take it upon themselves to
    collect sales tax for states they don't operate in - for the (small)
    volume of business I do that basically means double-paying, since the
    paperwork to track it all is a time (thus money) sink far larger than
    just handing the state the "safe harbor amount" for online purchases. I
    don't recall what DigiKey does on that front as I haven't ordered from
    them in a while (Mouser has had stuff in stock I wanted that they didn't
    have for the past few orders.)

    I certainly prefer Mouser's online catalog to Digi-Key's - Newark was in
    there for a while but has not been worth following up on for the past
    few orders either.
  3. I'm surprised newark even has a website. that place is seriously backwards
    with their weird flip flop between the 45 names they use and inability to
    calculate shipping.

    I might use them about once every 5 years, as a last choice.
  4. Archon

    Archon Guest

    Last few orders where I chose USPS priority, the orders were shipped UPS
    second day air for same price. I have no complaint with Mouser,
    excellent website, fast shipping, but my orders are usually $50-100 a time.
  5. JW

    JW Guest

    I'm shipping to MA, but it is a residential address. Zip is 02108
    Shipping from Mouser is listed as $6.95, but when I process the order they
    add four cents for some odd reason.

    On my last order of under 1lb , it didn't even come USPS as I requested,
    but came Fedex instead.
  6. Looking at the Digikey chart, it appears that they will only ship USPS
    Sometime in the recent (?) past, Digikey switched to a "no minimum order"
    policy. This doesn't work if you don't provide an inexpensive way to ship
    small, low-cost items. This is what Digikey did.

    Shipping has gotten really expensive. I can no longer "afford" to buy less
    than $50 to $100 of items at a time. Otherwise, the shipping represents too
    high a percentage of the price.
  7. Guest

    For my $.25 worth, both Digi-Key and Mouser are excellent for $50 and
    larger orders, or if you REALLY have to have the parts. (IOW,
    shipping expense isn't a factor). If you need a half dozen caps,
    Digi-Key will get them in your hands quicker and cheaper.

    What I admire about both is No Minimum Order, No Handling Charge for
    small orders, and I've never been jerked around with the "Yes, we show
    it in stock, but we can't sell it to you" from either of them.

  8. Since we have no state sales tax the tax impact isn't an issue with
    us, however I recently ordered an eprom from Encompass. This part was
    about the size of a deer tick, cost 5.48, and came in a box large
    enough to ship a toaster in. I had asked for it to be shipped in an
    envelope but they wouldn't do it and charged me 9.68 for shipping
    instead. I was pissed but was told that this is their "handling" fee
    as well. How about a "handling" fee at Macdonalds for getting your
    hamburger? Lenny
  9. josephkk

    josephkk Guest

    I can certainly understand that. Decades ago Newark was very nice to me.
    I gave them all the business i could afford at the time; i had to ride my
    bicycle there and back. All of the times i have dealt with them since has
    not been a problem. Just not very frequent.

  10. I did recently get a 13 cent part from them, and some other stuff. they
    were pretty friendly when I phoned in the order.

    The other thing that's obnoxious about all those distributors is most
    claim to carry all parts, but what's in stock is a different story.

    It was never like that back in the printed catalogs day.

    I'm not going to special orer 24,999 "spare" diodes, but thanks for
    listing a product you have no intention of actually stocking.
  11. Ditto on most everything on this thread as I take shipping into account (no pun) when budgiting for a project. Sure would like to know from the person which state of his has no sales tax ?!
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