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Mouser and FEDEX

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Clint Sharp, Jul 7, 2004.

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  1. Clint Sharp

    Clint Sharp Guest

    Am I missing something, I want to order under $10 worth of chips from
    Mouser but the rates FEDEX and UPS quote to deliver to the UK almost
    make it worth my while to fly out to the states and collect the bits
  2. We get our friends in Ca to buy over there and send the stuff by USPS, it is far
    cheaper and if you use Global Priority mail it is almost as quick. Problem is
    that most companies are geared for the carriers, not the postal service.

    We also go over two or three times a year on short breaks, and spend a bit of
    time sourcing parts which are 'unobtainable', time well spent! Last trip we got
    hold of a load of Amphenol connector parts which had been elusive from the UK,
    but we found and bought them in California after a few emails.

    It is not much better going the other way either, ParcelForce International
    charges are not what you would call cheap.

  3. People like Digikey etc. are a real PITA for UK users in that they won't send by USPS - you can get
    a lot of parts in a $5 USPS Global Priority flat-rate envelope.

    Fedex/UPS are a total rip-off for international - as well as the shipping price, there will be a
    customs clearance fee of typically £10.

    Maybe if enough UK people email these companies about alternate shipping methods, they may listen.
  4. Fred Bartoli

    Fred Bartoli Guest

    AFAIK, mouser offers low cost shipping, but not on their website. You'll
    have to ask by email before.
    It costs something like 6 or 7 USD.
    I've never tested this, but I'm preparing to do so.

  5. Consider using USPS. Or maybe go to a different distrib. I've used,, and a few others. Also checek Ebay for some
    occasional deals.
  6. Eight bux for a tiny box by USPS to Canada. Ordered on June 15, and it
    arrived yesterday (them taking a few days to ship, holidays in the US
    and Canada etc.). Mouser is about the same distance away as Digikey,
    who have a flat rate of about 6.00 US with a very reasonable minimum
    order, and it arrives the next morning 90%+ of the time if ordered by
    9:00 pm Eastern time the day before. The other <10% it arrives the
    next business day. I wish Mouser would make a deal with Purolator
    like Digikey has.

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  7. Fred Bartoli

    Fred Bartoli Guest

    Well, here in (old) Europe, Digikey shipping cost are more of a bad joke
    than a bargain :

    A flat 18 Euro shipping to start with, plus 13 Euros "handling" costs for
    orders under 100 Euros.

    Absolutely ridiculous.

  8. alpha_uma

    alpha_uma Guest

    Hi, I'm also in Canada, and I'm thinking of ordering something from
    DigiKey, so I'd like to know more about your experiences with
    ordering from DigiKey and Mouser, and with UPS and USPS.

    (1) Did you have to Email Mouser first in order to get them to ship
    via USPS instead of courier to Canada? Did Revenue Canada
    charge you any customs handling fees (not counting GST and PST)?
    How much?

    (2) Is DigiKey shipping to Canada via UPS or via Purolator?
    Did you have to pay any customs brokerage fees? [It's been my bad
    experiences that every time some company sends me something via
    UPS, UPS charges me a disproportionate amount of customs
    brokerage fees.]

  9. No, I just selected first class mail (or something to that effect) for
    shipping method.
    Yes. C$5. plus 1.50 for GST, and it was held up for 2 days out of the
    3 weeks it took from order to arrival. My company is PST exempt. If it
    is anything urgent I would gladly pay 4 FedEx. UPS to Canada is just
    terrible, never use them if there is any way to avoid it. I'm glad
    Mouser will ship by USPS, at least the Canada Post is a flat fee, even
    if you order $500 worth of stuff the charge is only 5.00 for handling.
    Purolator (which is owned by Canada Post)
    No, it's all inclusive. Any taxes are remitted by Digikey/Purolator.
    No surprises and it's not held up to collect a few dollars. You get a
    tracking number (which has been a bit dodgy, but seems to be getting
    better). VERY good service for C$8 on a minimum 32.50 order. Their
    price tend to be a bit high, but I've found them cheaper than Mouser
    on some stuff, and even competitive with big distributors for some
    items in small/medium quantities.

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  10. alpha_uma

    alpha_uma Guest

    Hi, thanks for your helpful information, Spehro. It's nice to know that I
    can use USPS with Mouser, and Purolator with DigiKey when ordering from
  11. Jim Adney

    Jim Adney Guest

    Yes, international shipments are always much more expensive. See if
    you can get them from Farnell in the UK.

  12. Ross Herbert

    Ross Herbert Guest

    On Wed, 7 Jul 2004 08:01:16 +0100, Clint Sharp

    |Am I missing something, I want to order under $10 worth of chips from
    |Mouser but the rates FEDEX and UPS quote to deliver to the UK almost
    |make it worth my while to fly out to the states and collect the bits

    Yep, customers in Australia run into the same stumbling block. Mouser
    explained, "we only use Fedex or UPS, and we can't be wasting our time
    running down to the post office to ship goods." As a result, even for
    a small order you will pay around USD50.00 to have it sent out. The
    same item would cost around USD11.00 by USPS.

    I think this excuse is pure bullshit. Most customers would be quite
    happy with USPS for small items, especially outside the USA, and I'm
    sure they would get enough orders to make a drop-off to the closest
    USPS shop every day worthwhile. I think they are actually making a
    profit out of the freight charges and that's why they "only ship Fedex
    or UPS".
  13. It's only expensive when suppliers refuse to use USPS.
    USPS Global Priority flat-rate envelopes can ship 1 & 4 pounds respectively for $5 and $9
  14. Mike Diack

    Mike Diack Guest

    Most US suppliers don't give a flying **** about foreign customers,
    and insisting on gold plated shipping is their way of letting you know
    this. I've paid nearly $100 to get a matchbox full of ICs to New
    Zealand, and $40 to get a complete set of headers (**BIG** box, 4
    cylendar bike) when sent USPS surface mail (though it musta come by
    plane cos it only took 6 days from Wisconsin). The US has a fabulous
    postal service - cheap, efficient. I just wish the bastard electronics
    suppliers would use it.
    M (in grumpy mode)
  15. alpha_uma

    alpha_uma Guest

    Spehro, I'm quite impressed with the smooth online ordering with DigiKey. I
    have just placed a small order with them (50 caps totaling a little under
    40.00USD, about 55.00CAD). They do INDEED ship via Purolator to Canada (only
    8.00 CAD to ship my small package). The shipping is even cheaper than those
    charged by many Ebay sellers who are residing in Canada. After chatting live
    online with DigiKey's sales people, I was reminded to change the "country"
    on the order page by first changing the "flag" from the U.S. flag to the
    Canadian flag before entering the items in my order. Then the "Purolator
    shipping method" would be chosen as the default shipping method.
  16. Steven Swift

    Steven Swift Guest

    Going to the post-office here takes at least an hour. Not a good idea for a

    The easiest and cheapest way is to get someone to "small packet" airmail it
    to you. If you only have a few parts, it is only about $4.

    Digi-Key will do USPS.
  17. Steven Swift

    Steven Swift Guest

    I forgot to mention that security rules require that you hand packages to the
    clerk at the counter. You can't drop packages in the box anymore.
  18. I thought you still could if it was under a pound weight, or has this changed recently ?
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