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Mounting LCD Displays

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by AJ, Oct 12, 2005.

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  1. AJ

    AJ Guest


    I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on how to mount an LCD
    nicely in a diecast case? Are there ones designed for panel mounting? I
    have trouble cutting a perfectly rectangular hole to fit it and make it look


  2. dmm

    dmm Guest

    If you're talking about 3 1/2 to 6 digit displays such as in a multimeter, then
    RS Components has a bezel from Bulgin. represents Falcon, who have a range of LCDs
    with bezels in a DIN format. The displays are 16x1, 16x2, and various multidigit.
    Probably expensive too, but a phone call should sort that out. PRD Plastics have a range of LCD bezels as well. You can
    purchase them using a credit card from Digikey in the US.

    For an alternative mount, why not use 2.5mm screws and 2.5mm thread spacers, and mount
    the display from the rear of the case. Or even use a small right angle bracket to mount the display
    to the base of the enclosure. Then you won't have the unsightly screws marring the finish
    of the front panel.
  3. AJ

    AJ Guest


    Thanks mate, that's exactly what I am looking for, I knew they must have had
    them somewhere!


  4. I have also seen products which have the screen attached to the panel using
    some very sticky double sided tape. The tape is black coloured, not sure
    what its called, but its that sticky i cant remove the screen without a
    screwdriver and some effort.

  5. dmm

    dmm Guest

    You're welcome.
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