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Mounting holes in Protel

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Ivan, Mar 2, 2005.

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  1. Ivan

    Ivan Guest

    First, let me thank everyone for their patience. I do not want to be a
    bother and try to help myself as much as I can before posting here.

    I am at the point now where I need to spec mounting holes for some AMP
    circular connectors. I have successfully created the parts in my
    Protel library, but I used a circular overlay to depict the mounting

    How should I properly do this in order for it to appear in the drill

    Thank you one and all. You have always been so tolerant and helpful.

  2. Ivan

    Create pads for the mounting holes, making the hole diameter clearance for
    the screws and the pad diameter about the same as the washer you intend to
    use. Number these pads zero (0) and they won't pick up any connections.

    Graham Holloway
    WPS Electronics

  3. I place individual pads for mounting holes. Such holes can also be
    placed in the footprint - just give them a pin number of 0.

    You can define both the pad size and the hole size as required. I
    usually make the pad the same size as the screw head or other hardware
    - that ensures I won't put tracks too close to the hole.

    It is possible to define the hole as "unplated", but I expect that
    will require an extra manufacturing step, and I don't see any problem
    leaving plating in a mounting hole.
  4. Just for variation on the answers, I commonly will name my
    mounting pads in a footprint, "MTG". Likewise on pass-thru
    connectors I name the pass-thru hole pads, "Passthru". It is then
    very easy to find them and put them into a pad class for rules.
    Or the neater trick is you can write a rule for one pad by it's
    pad name and it works for all pads with that same name.

    Brad Velander

  5. Ivan

    Ivan Guest

    Thank you Brad, Peter and Graham.

    As always, I value your advice.

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