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Motorola PMR battery charger info needed.

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Guest, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Motorola PMR battery charger needed.

    hello all, can any kind person from you
    'fellowship of electronics enthusiasts' indicate me towards a supplier of a
    single pin plug charger (looks like an mono audio plug but about 2mm longer)
    volt battery charger for an older Motorola handheld radio.
    I have tried goggle with no luck bar phone chargers. second hand is ok,
    alternative is 1/2 doz. of the slightly longer power plugs that would do
    nicely for home brew attempt, but Maplin just thought I was a loony when I
    asked for power plugs that looked like 2.5mm audio plugs but a bit longer.

    thank you for any help. located in UK
  2. Well, your description is more than a bit unfathomable. What do you mean
    by a 'mono audio plug'? There are three common types; the 'RCA', 'Cinch'
    or 'phono' plug, which has a centre pin (more than 2.5 mm diameter) and
    a shell contact. This can be obtained with different pin lengths. Then
    there is the 3.5 mm jack plug, which comes in 2-contact and 3-contact
    versions (there is a 4-contact version, but I've never seen one). And
    then the genuine 2.5 mm jack plug, available in 2, 3 and (believe me!)
    4-contact versions. The 2-contact version is rarely used.

    These jack plugs have only one standard length, but there were and are
    some non-standard versions around. These can be very difficult to
    identify and obtain.

    Most free power connectors are different; the have a male outer
    conductor with a central hole into which a pin on the fixed connector
    fits. These come in various pin and outer conductor sizes and there
    seems to be a new one every week. They can be very difficult to
    distinguish, and the only way to proceed is often to try the plug into
    the socket and see if it fits. But a standard '2.5 mm' plug fits a
    standard '2.1 mm' socket but doesn't make reliable contact.

    Maybe you are a bit more sympathetic to Maplin now?

    What we really need is for you to put a picture of the connector either
    on alt.binaries.schematics.electronic or on a web site you give us the
    URL for. We may need accurate dimensions!
  3. Luhan

    Luhan Guest

    I would cut into it and install some standard connector. Thats what
    soldering irons are for.

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