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Motorola digital box problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by WalterB, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. WalterB

    WalterB Guest

    My Motorola DCT 2000 digital box developed a problem
    at the S-Video output in that the picture has a slow,
    noisy band going from the top to the bottom.
    The composite video picture on the other hand looks
    With the box being just out of warranty, my service
    provider (Cogeco) tells me to buy a new one since they
    don't fix them (I originally paid $344 for it), or to rent one,
    which will be replaced for free if it develops any problems.

    I am generally handy with working on electronic gear,
    but have no experience with those particular units,
    so I would appreciate any ideas (leaky cap...?) from
    anyone familiar with these digital boxes.
    Thanks, Walter.
  2. isw

    isw Guest

    Sounds like 60 Hz hum. Ground loop?

  3. Andy Cuffe

    Andy Cuffe Guest

    A noise band that's moving slowly is usually a sign of 60Hz
    interference. The power supply is the only place inside the box that
    this is likely to come from. These boxes run very hot, so check the
    power supply board for bad caps (measure their ESR, or look for
    bulging caps). The filter cap on the primary side is most likely
    source of 60Hz ripple.

    Have you eliminated the possibility of a ground loop? Try lifting the
    ground pins on any A/V equipment that's connected to the system. Try
    a different S-video cable in case there's an open shield.
    Andy Cuffe

  4. WalterB

    WalterB Guest

    I used several different S-Video cables but had the same
    thing happen.
    With the composite video being perfectly clean, I thought
    the problem might be closer to the output end, where the
    signal is split between the S-Video and Composite terminals,
    but I will check for any ground loop, or power supply problems.
    Thanks all!
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