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Motorola Cel Battery Question

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Steve Kraus, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. Steve Kraus

    Steve Kraus Guest

    This concerns a Motorola T720.

    I think I dropped it one time too many. It's dead. Putting it on charge
    made the screen backlight come on and sometimes it would say "Charging" but
    nothing else. Would not turn on.

    I took out the battery and probed the 4 contacts in every combination with
    a DMM and got no readings. Figuring I have nothing to lose I peeled off
    the sticker and pried it open. I do read voltage on the power cel. So I
    figure that bit of micro circuitry has been damaged. Anyone know what it
    does? I figure some of it is some sort of current limiter and maybe
    something is a micro fuse of some sort and that might be the failure point.
    Is there anything that can be bypassed?

    I've already ordered a replacement battery (even though I really should
    just get a new phone) but it would be nice if I could make this batter work
  2. Guest

    I think you need a battery.

    But this is an interesting point, which is why you shouldn't try to
    jump anything out.

    It seems that eventually they would put the charging regulators right
    in the battery. Temp sensors are right there, it can be tailored to
    the specific unit, and can probably trim the charge for unbalanced
    cells. It makes sense.

    That means if you jump it out inside the battery and try to charge it,
    you will be putting probably 12V @ 2A into it. Watch the explosion.

    The technology of these batteries has exploded, there are alot of
    things we simply do not know. They are not the dry cells of the 1960s
    to say the least. Of course we have heard of the cellphone battery
    blowing up on someone, right in their ear, and that wasn't even during
    charging !

    Another thing, if you care about the environment, you just don't throw
    it in the garbage. The materials in there are very nasty to put into
    landfills, and they actually can be recycled, but they are not letting
    on yet.

    Doesn't matter, it is still something that you do not want in the
    landfills. I am not saying they are making a killing, but I suspect it
    is like the salt business. They make more money on the things the take
    out of the salt than they do from the salt. By far.

    But you still don't want a battery in the landfill if you can help it.
    I wouldn't go so far as to pay someone to take it, but I would try not
    to just throw it in the garbage.

  3. Steve Kraus

    Steve Kraus Guest

    One thing I find annoying is that the phone will not work without a battery
    off the charger or car cord. A person should not be out of business
    because the battery failed when they do have external power available. If
    that means better regulation on board the phone or external source so the
    battery is not needed to stabilize it then so be it.
  4. Art

    Art Guest

    Maybe after having suffered many many gravity induced trumatic events the
    phone simply said "*#*(#@*" and quit as a result??
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