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Motor Fan - Not Fan Motor - Sigh!

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Bob La Londe, Jan 11, 2012.

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  1. Bob La Londe

    Bob La Londe Guest

    Now onto the next problem. The reason I pulled the cover on that Leland
    motor in the first place was because there was a dent in the back case. Now
    that I have the wiring figured out I need to address that... with a hammer.
    And the more serious damage from whatever dented that housing. Two broken
    blades on the cooling fan.

    I figured finding an exact replacement was probably a no go. I stopped by a
    local motor shop and they want to order in a blank arbor fan that may or may
    not fit and then bore it to fit to be held on with a couple set screws.
    That may be what I have to do eventually, but I thought it sounded a little
    pricey for a fan blade. Even with a legitimate 30-45 minutes of machine
    work to make it fit my motor if it fits the space available.

    I am looking at other options first. The first and least likely is somebody
    saying, "I have one of those on my junk pile. How about $XX.xx for it Bob?"

    Searching with google for industrial motor cooling fans is beyond my
    Internet savvy. I can find thousands of motors, but finding sources for
    fans blades is a bit trickier.

    Its off the cooling motor on a Leland 6273. The part number molded on the
    blade is D252999. The fan is approximately 9.75 inches in diameter. It is
    about 1.380 inches tall, and has a concave base. The bore when checked with
    a caliper is .650 +/- The motor shaft measures at .660 so there is no doubt
    some flaw in my technique.

    There is an old grind mark that looks like the fan was balanced when it was

    Picture can be seen here:
  2. Rich.

    Rich. Guest

    Try looking here:
  3. Bob La Londe

    Bob La Londe Guest

  4. Baron

    Baron Guest

    Bob La Londe Inscribed thus:
    I have an old fan heater with an 8" dia plastic fan. The motor for this
    fan has a 3/16" shaft. There is more than enough meat to bore it out
    to 0.650" though I'm not sure what you would use to secure it to the
    existing shaft. FWIW the fan heater costs £7.49p here in the UK for a
    new one.

  5. Bob La Londe

    Bob La Londe Guest

    LOL. I think shipping charges would eat me up on that one. Jenkins has a
    couple generic fans in their line that may work. Those would atleast ship
    from the same continent.
  6. Baron

    Baron Guest

    Bob La Londe Inscribed thus:
    Hi Bob, Sorry, I didn't mean to infer that you got the fan from me !
    Rather, I have this, maybe you can take advantage of something similar.

    The plastic fan have looks similar to this one from the link below.
    9" OD Fan Item #8-8657.

    Actually I was in NY over Christmas and did see similar fan heaters in a
    couple of places. I found some of the prices of commodity items were
    almost twice what they are here in the UK.

    I'll check tomorrow and try to find out what it would cost to ship it to
    you. I don't think it would be inordinately expensive.
  7. Bob La Londe

    Bob La Londe Guest

    Thanks. I think I have it figured out now. I have not shipped to the UK
    before, but I have shipped to/from Hong Kong, Oz, Sweden, NZ, etc... You
    know I did just receive a speed controller from the UK now that I think
    about it. Anyway. I think I have this solved, but I really do appreciate
    the thought.
  8. Baron

    Baron Guest

    Bob La Londe Inscribed thus:
    You're welcome. :)
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