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Motor and limit switches.

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by John Schiavone Jr, Nov 2, 2004.

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  1. An easy question for all of you out there.

    For next Halloween, my wife wanted to hang a ghost from the porch. She
    would like it hooked to a motor and some limit switches. The ghost would
    come down to the trick-or-treater hit a limit switch and then reverse
    itself. What is th esimpliest/easiest way to do this. I don't have much
    experience with this. Thanks.

  2. Here's a circuit, with full notes.

    It was originally used in my Window Opener many years ago, but has
    various applications. You haven't said, but I assume you want the
    ghost to operate once (down and up) at the flick of a switch, rather
    than constantly. But in either case it should be relatively easy to
    adapt from the circuit shown. Note that at its simplest it uses just a
    SPDT relay (of appropriate voltage and current rating), two normally
    closed microswitches, and an operating switch. For longer lengths of
    lightweight wiring you might prefer to add a transistor trigger
    circuit, as shown. (In my case that went from a bedside switch to the
    heavy motor unit near the window.) Or, in some cases, you might want
    to trigger the effect electronically (e.g. by sound, light, a door
    opening, etc.)

    P.S "For next Halloween, my wife wanted..."
    Why the past tense? Was that just one request too many? <g>
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