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Motion Sensor

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by redls1bird, Oct 22, 2005.

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  1. redls1bird

    redls1bird Guest

    Ok, heres the deal. I live in a very small apartment complex an
    where i park is quite secluded. Last night, my car cover was stole
    and im worried that the car might be next. I have a factory alarm o
    my vehicle which consists of a shock sensor, (which is now turned u
    to maximum sensitivity) and door monitors. I would like to add
    motion sensor on a switched circuit so that when i park overnight
    can turn it on to get further protection. I dont know what i
    available in a 12 volt application, or how to wire it in. i woul
    assume that if its output is a simple voltage spike or something lik
    that, and my stock shock sensor is similiar, i could splice it in wit
    a diode so that either sensor could set off the alarm. Any input
  2. Kitchen Man

    Kitchen Man Guest

    On Fri, 21 Oct 2005 19:35:25 -0500,
    I have some input. I wonder how car alarms do anything more than
    annoy people to the point of total indifference, or perhaps even
    morbid satisfaction, to the thought that the auto might be stolen.
    Your idea to add a motion sensor to an already over-sensitized source
    of stress, pollution and civil hostility makes me retch.

    Tell me, why didn't the car alarm prevent your car cover being nicked?
  3. kell

    kell Guest

    Use the motion sensor to turn on a very bright floodlight. If you use
    it to turn on the alarm, any passing raccoon, dog or housecat will
    cause considerable annoyance to your neighbors.
  4. Guest

    It can be assumed that you don't own a car and you hate them.
    I suggest you move to the Canadian Northwest territory and live there
    in a log cabin.
  5. redls1bird

    redls1bird Guest

    thats funny, i didnt post asking for opinions on car alarms... bu
    to answer your questions. First the cover was stolen because t
    remove it to no force, it simply slides on. Second of all, th
    motion sensor wouldnt be activated by a passing cat, because they ar
    not tall enough to be seen out the windows where the sensor would b
    mounted and also, the replacement cover will block the view of th
    outside world. That way, the sensor would only be tripped if th
    cover was removed. Just because you think that the rest of the worl
    is insensitive to you, and the rest of us are to self absorbed t
    think that what we do in our daily existence might make other
    uncomfortable is a joke. far more consideration has gone into th
    planning to make the system effective and liveable for all. The fac
    that i want to protect something that i have worked hard to obtain
    and also maintain is reason enough for me to add a little discomfor
    to others. a horn honking on occasion will not end your world.
    Besides whos really to blame? Me for adding an additional sensor t
    an alarm, or the fact that i need one because a dishonest person ha
    decided that i have something that they want. If noone ever stood u
    and took an extra step to fight back think of where we would all be
  6. kell

    kell Guest

    You didn't say you planned to put the motion sensor inside the car. I
    don't think it would work. Glass is opaque to infra red.
  7. redls1bird

    redls1bird Guest

    Yes, i plan to have it inside the car. i know that there are som
    manufacturers that use them on their convertible cars to make sur
    that no one is reaching in and taking things, but there arent tha
    many aftermarket manufactures of these type of sensors. there i
    oine company that makes them that i know of, called crimegaurd. the
    state that there sensors signal is only usuable by a alarm created b
    them. in other words, not setup to be used on anything other than
    crime gaurd alarm. if i could find out what kind of a signal this i
    im sure i could come up with something. i dont plan on buying i
    though for 60 bucks just to tinker with it
  8. What about a trembler switch wired to the horn.

  9. My neighbour's cat likes jumping on the bonnet (hood) of my car.
    Especially if it's a cold evening and car engine still warm.

    So, the following scenario could still leave you at risk:

    1. Car alarmed, cover in place.

    2. Burglar (or his mate) returns for another easy cover; maybe has a
    small re-sale or ebay business established by now.

    3. Cat jumps on bonnet, triggering sensor.

    4. Jumps off in panic, scratching bonnet.

    5. First thing following morning: sleepless neighbours on your door
    step for unfriendly conversations.
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