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Motion sensor?

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by no one that you know, Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. I bought one of those decor wall switch sensors to run my bath fan above
    my shower. I found out that the electronic ones are no good to use with
    a fan only. The fan comes on and off by itself.......nothing on the
    package said anything about this.
    Anyways the bottom line is the switch needs minimum 40 watts resistive
    on the circuit all the time to work properly.
    I assume there is allways a little current passing through the switch!
    I plan on adding a pot light beside the fan but another bummer is that a
    CF will mess up the switch as well... I have tested both incandesent and
    a 15 watt CF with the fan on the circuit. When I put the inca light on
    the circuit the fan runs faster.
    I cant find a relay type locally here dam!
    What are the problems with running a 60 watt bulb and fan on this switch
    at the same time? Will the partly rectified ac burn out the fan etc?
  2. Yup the electronic ones dim the lights but have no control for that.
    My guess is they use a triac for the switching.
  3. Huh?
    Have you been drinking again?

  4. Never mind.
    I wired in a recessed pot light above the shower yesterday adding the
    minimum load to the switch. The switch is no longer eratic but it still
    does not give full power output in auto mode but close enough! You can
    hear the fan speed up when you flick it to MAN mode.
    Dam amazing how a 15 buck light can make or break the looks of an
    expensive glass shower stall.
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