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Motion Sensor--transmitter combo

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Stuuder, Sep 25, 2003.

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  1. Stuuder

    Stuuder Guest

    I have a slew of old motion sensor activated spot lamps, is there a way
    of using these sensors along with a transmitter that would sound a chime
    in ones bedroom. X-10 make a chime and transceiver and motion sensor
    lite with the transmitter built in, but there are a literally millions
    of motion sensor lamps worldwide that have no transmitting qualities. If
    a person could make a transmitter that transmits when the lights go on
    to a receiver-chime setup in the bedroom.............maybe the
    transmitter could be screwed between the bulb and socket. Any ideas
    where I can get a schematic for something like this??
    Thanx in advance.
  2. onestone

    onestone Guest

    WHY? My security light sits outside the front of my house, and right
    outside what has become my office. We are not very far from the road, so
    false triggering by vehicles is a problem, as is false triggering by
    cats, bushes blowing in the wind, and just about anything else that
    moves. Adjusting the sensitivity or time delays gives you two basic
    settings, it doesn't work at all, or it works too often. I can't imagine
    why anyone would want to be woken up everytime a gust of wind blew up. I
    leave it to my dog to warn me of any real intruders.

  3. Stuuder

    Stuuder Guest

    Well, first off I don't have to feed my motion sensor, or pickup the
    crap so we don't step in the bombs :), if one spends a bit of time
    adjusting the sensitivity and placement and aiming of it around shrubs,
    false turn ons are rare. We have seven barking dogs around my house,
    they all bark at the same time, its kinda like Peter and cry wolf, do
    you check _everytime_ your dog barks to see if there is someone there???
    Or car alarms, yup there goes another one, we have so many going off you
    eventually hope to hell they ARE stolen!!! A _fixed_ weiner usually will
    quiet a barking dog.A good dog will let the intruder in.........but not
    Don't get me wrong I love dogs, had two in a span of 30 years, both had
    to be put down because of age related problems, the last one ( 16 year
    old springer)is in an urn by the fireplace.
  4. I have some combination motion detector/dusk sensor/X10 receiver and
    contactor/X10 transmitter units. They work like normal motion detectors
    (or dusk sensors) turning their own loads on and off. They also can be
    programmed to respond to an X10 address. Their motion detector sensor
    can also be assigned an X10 transmit address to switch some other X10
    receiver. Made by a company called X10 Pro, model number PHS01.
  5. onestone

    onestone Guest

    he's well trained, craps only on the garden, good manure. And food is cheap.

    if one spends a bit of time
    Bit hard when they cover the front and rear of the house ;@}
    Along our street I can guarantee that as I drive ny at night just about
    every second house throws up a sensor light.

    We have seven barking dogs around my house,
    We have no such problem, Mine only barks when people are approaching the
    house, he can see the sidewalk, and will only go off if someone steps
    off it. He doesn't reply to other dogs.
    Car alarms are just about a dead duck here, most people just have
    immobilisers. never heard one in the street in 8 years.

    A _fixed_ weiner usually will
    My dog lives inside most of the time, he only barks until he gets my
    attention, then he sits and waits by the door. Don't get me wrong, I
    have other security, just not sensor lights, to me they are a waste of
    time and effort. I'd rather just capture them on low light video

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