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Motion Sensor and electric motors and light bulbs

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by WYSIWYG, Jul 17, 2003.

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    WYSIWYG Guest

    I am new to electronics. I want to use a motion sensor to turn on
    9-18 volt electric motors for 5 seconds. The sensor need to detect
    object 1/2 foot or 16cm away. I also want to be able to turn on light

    Can someone give me some suggestions how I should build this or where
    I can buy the parts?
  2. If these are lower current motors, you can use the relay output from
    any of the standard alarm system IR motion sensors. They run on 12
    Volts, and have a relay output. You can strap the output for NO or NC
    type contacts. The max current is about 1 or 2 amps that it can take
    if it is the relay output type. If you need more power handling, you
    can get a power relay from the alarm system parts supplier.

    You will need a small power supply to run the detector, and your

    It would be cheaper and much easier buy a motion detector, than trying
    to build one detector yourself, and then break your brains to make it
    work the way you want. It takes some experience and a discent
    background in electronics to start building these project, and this is
    not a good starter type of project.

    Jerry Greenberg
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