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motherboard of computer converted to lower voltage?

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Jan Siepelstad, Apr 25, 2004.

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  1. I heard about people, how convert their motherboard to a lower voltage to
    achieve three things:
    -lower energy consumption
    -lower heat geneartion
    -lower noise level because of reduced cooling needs

    I thought maybe it's possible to use the motherboard of a laptop in a tower?

    Anyone any experience with this?
    (including measuring data?)

    Since I converted to PV, I'd like to reduce the energy consumption of my

  2. Rob McKenzie

    Rob McKenzie Guest

    Move over to a Mini-ITX system and 12vDC case. You can buy
    12vDC power boards to replace ATX power supplies for these ITX systems, but
    it is dependent on how much power your existing mother board uses. With
    USB2.0 being 480kbps you just plug in the peripherals when you need them.
  3. I suppose you could underclock it, but any real savings are going to
    come from replacing it with a laptop, Mini-ATX, or other low-power
    machine, or getting a machine that'll do Suspend-To-Ram, and leaving
    it suspended when you aren't actively using it.
  4. Danno

    Danno Guest

    Been looking at the same stuff, ran across the Gumstix website. Perhaps
    one of the Waysmall*** "systems would work for your tower application?
    Ultimately, I'd like to use a Waysmall to drive an 80x40 text-only LCD
    through one serial port, a keyboard from the other, and communications
    through the USB mini-B. Would be enough to do email and Usenet (and
    text-based web browsing I suppose) with super low power consumption.
    Unfortunately, this is a tad beyond my ability yet <grin>.

    Sidenote: While I'm on the topic, does anyone know where someone could
    purchase a largeish serial-driven LCD (similar to a graphing calculator,
    but bigger)? Preferably, a pixelized screen (say, 640x480), but a
    line-based character renderer (like on a scoreboard) would probably be
    workable. I've seen smaller 40x2 character-based boards, but the idea
    slapping 40 of them together to make a "screen" introduces, I believe, an
    extra degree of complication I would prefer to do without.
  5. safemale

    safemale Guest

    ware would i find tham 12 volt power boards
  6. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

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