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Mosquito Sound

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by mowhoong, Jun 22, 2004.

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  1. mowhoong

    mowhoong Guest

    I brought a TENMA brand Dig.Multimeter model 72-2050 which was on
    promotion from Farnell.I did not notice until when i need to test
    continnity, the beeper was very soft, it sound like " Mosquito" , it
    disappoint me. I suspect this belong to a mfe. design
    problem.Unfortunately i can't exchange or refund from Farnell because
    warrenty period is over. At another time i visit Farnell trade counter
    and found they have a display set which was the same model, when i
    tried it the effect was the same. So i don't ever belive any item that
    is "special price".
  2. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    There are a few other handhelds that are as wimpy on the sound; not
    much one can do about it.
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