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Mosquito Repeller

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Watson A.Name - \Watt Sun, the Dark Remover\, Dec 15, 2004.

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  1. I walked by a big bin of these at the OSH store yesterday evening, and I
    couldn't resist the temptation to buy one ($6.97) just for its
    collectible value. It's a Lentek 'Mosquito Contro' which is a bit
    bigger than a business card and about 3/8" (10mm) thick (not counting
    the pocket clip), and uses two LR44 button cells for power. It has a "0
    I II" switch and a "HI LOW" adjustment pot for 'fine tuning'.

    I'm fully aware of this:

    What I'm wondering is why, after almost two years, they are still
    selling these in the stores. With the packaging that misrepresents that
    these things actually work - says "repels mosquitos from your personal

    I can take the key chain off and use it for whatever. But the unit,
    well, I guess I'll just tell people that this is just for grins.

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  2. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    The FTC kinda wrecks their credibility with this blanket statement:
    "...The proposed consent agreement announced today for public comment
    would prohibit the respondents from representing that:

    any air cleaning product will eliminate, remove, clear, clean,
    neutralize, sanitize, oxidize, control, or reduce any indoor air
    pollutant, or that use of such product will prevent, reduce the
    incidence of, or provide relief from any medical or health-related
    I suppose the entire HVAC industry will have to refund all of the money
    for all of those filters and electrostatic precipitators and ozone
    generators that people have paid so handsomely for, that the FTC has
    declared by fiat, don't work.

    I guess it's been decided by the government that the only way to get
    healthy indoor air is to ban smoking, and that dust mite feces,
    bacteria/virus/fungus spores, outgassing construction materials, human
    effluvia, and so on have nothing to do with it.

    Stupid bureaucrats.

  3. You are the one who's taking it out of context. They said, " would
    prohibit the respondents from representing that:" which means this only
    appliers to the respondents, i.e. Lentek International, Inc., Joseph
    Durek, a former Lentek principal, and Lou Lentine, a current principal.

    You're just on one of your tirades.
  4. Do you actually get much of a problem with mosquitoes in the US? I'd
    always thought of them as most associated with the tropics...
  5. repatch

    repatch Guest

    Most definitely not. We have mosquitoes up here in Canada, along with
    another nasty bugs (black flies, I think the northern states also have
    those). TTYL
  6. Maybe you oughtta give him a break, after all, he's on one of his
    occasional tirades. Humor him..
  7. Well, some parts of the U.S. are _in_ the tropics. Like Hawaii,
    Florida, etc.

    But here in So. Calif, there's an occasional death from West Nile virus,
    and there are some areas with skeeters along areas where there's
    stagnant water, like wetlands. As some of the areas where wetlands once
    were are reestablished, it would seem that the skeeter problem will get
    worse. But it's not much of a problem.

    But I started off this thread with a discussion of mosquito repellers,
    their efficaccy, and this company, not mosquitoes in general. Ans why
    am I able to buy one of these almost two years after this company agrees
    to stop misrepresenting their products as capable of repelling skeeters.
  8. Bart

    Bart Guest

    I wish ours were as small as birds.
    Had to use my deer rifle on two of them today.
    One had my Great Dane in a head lock while
    the other tried to violate her!
  9. Tim Williams

    Tim Williams Guest

    Last summer was *very* light on mosquitoes. Almost none, only a few after
    the occasional rain (was kinda dry too) here in S WI. Then again, with the
    hot non-winter, I'm pretty sure those were mosquitoes I saw at the last trip
    to the junk yard. Occasional groups a foot or two across buzzing above a
    puddle or whatever, but what's unusual is in all my life I've never seen any
    over 1/4". These were like 1/2"...

  10. Heck yes, bigtime even in upstate Pennsylvania and nearby parts of New
    York state, in parts of Massechussets, and much of Wisconsin, plenty other
    places in the Frostbelt, as well as the more subtropical/semitropical
    parts of the eastern 60%.
    Ever hear of yellow fever being a problem in the past in Philadelphia?
    How about the West Nile virus - recently becoming a bit of a
    mosquito-borne threat in the US?
    Ever hear of people buying "bug zappers" hoping to zap mosquitoes? Ever
    see how many citronella candles sell in the US?

    Heck, there is a region in Alaska that has (during their brief summer) a
    HUGE mosquito problem, since mosquitoes managed to survive there but none
    of their natural enemies do! Go outdoors there with uncovered skin during
    the season, and you get swarms of mosquitoes waiting for unocupied feeding
    space on your skin!

    - Don Klipstein () - bitten in Chicago, Philadelphia,
    Boston, Orlando, and upstate Pennsylvania!
  11. Florida is entirely outside the tropics, although part of it has a
    climate that qualifies as tropical.

    Then again, the climate type usually called "Warm Humid Continental" is
    sometimes called "Humid Subtropical", and includes by and large the
    portion of the USA's "Northeast Corridor" along and southeast of Route 1
    as far north as Boston! New York City qualifies as "Humid Subtropical"!
    Then again again, mosquitoes flourish in many areas of the USA that are
    "cool humid continental"!

    A few nasty cold days in some especially cold winters in Philadelphia in
    the early and mid 1980's had temperatures as cold as -7 degrees F (-22
    degrees C) - did that free Philadelphia of mosquitoes? How about -40
    degrees (or a little colder) in Wisconsin? Small insects manage to have
    some individuals make it through awfully cold temperatures, and ever
    notice how rapidly they can multiply once conditions get favorable again...

    - Don Klipstein ()
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