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Morton type building as REALLY cheap house?

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by [email protected], Aug 25, 2003.

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  1. Guest

    What abt using a Morton type building and making a
    really cheap house out of it?

    Basically build a " box"...... a machine shed type

    Position the "box" so that one of the longest sides
    faces south. have no windows at all on the north or
    east and west sides.....have all windows on the south
    facing side.

    Since these machine sheds are of steel construction....
    they don't need any load bearing internal walls right?
    That way you can have one big open space for living
    space, no?

    Advice on this idea? Thoughts and opinions? Anyone
    done it?
  2. Noisy in a hail storm. Hotter than heck in bright sun. You need sound and
    thermal insulation, and quite a bit of it. This design is a very large solar
    oven. You will need shade and night time insulation for the window, and you
    will probably want it double paned at the very least. You do need something
    to help hold the inside temperature stable. Folks use stacks of bricks,
    water bottles, even stone floors. Since heat rises, you will need some
    circulation drivers, a fan or two, as well. Then you need to have a solid
    foundation and anchor, so your house does not fly away in the wind. Pretty
    soon this doesn't look so cheap, and you wonder if you shouldn't just do it
    right the first time if you are going to all the bother?
  3. Guest

    Not to mention you can't sell it as a house because no bank will finance it.

    But my "logic" was that I wont try and seel it as a
    house anyway.

    Instead if I did want to seel the land and building....
    I would pull out the appliances and sell it as "land
    with a good garage or machine shed" on it.

    In other words....Id angle my sale of it so that it was
    a great site to build a conventional home on cause it
    already has a good outside building or garage on it.

    Make any sense?
  4. Sparky

    Sparky Guest

    Very occasionally in the UK you'll come across an old railway-carriage which
    was once converted into a home. That was many years ago though, and
    people's rising aspirations and expectations of their housing have led to
    the almost universal lapsing of these carriages into dilapidation/garden
    allotment sheds/farm chemicals and feed sheds.
    They are still suprisingly easy on the eye, though, and I've often wondered
    how the pleasant effect could be preserved/used in a new project. I suppose
    one day it'll be old airliners! Anyone for an old Dakota?!!
  5. Guest

    Several years ago I ran across a website promoting the use of

    yeah that would be cool..... but way too "exotic" for
    me. lol
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