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More VOIP headaches!

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Guardog, Nov 28, 2005.

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  1. Guardog

    Guardog Guest

    Just found out the hard way that if you have *70 programmed in the
    dialing string and your customer then activates a new feature "call
    waitng with caller ID" , the *70 not only doesn't work but will cause
    an error messege to be played everytime the system dials! There is no
    *## to replace it with so I had to remove *70 and explain to the
    customer what the downside might be.
  2. Once again as technology suposedly advances we find our selves Once more
    going backwards got to love it.

    Remember to error s human to realy foul things up requires a computer
  3. Guest

    That must vary with different VoIP providers, Bob. I occasionally use
    *70 when I need uninterrupted time for a tech support call. It works
    fine here. I'm not using Vonage any more though. Their service wasn't
    a good fit for us.

    I've been receiving brochures from firms offering a few VoIP compatible
    alarm monitoring devices and services lately. After I have time to
    review some of the offerings I'll post some info here.

    Robert L Bass
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