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More tesla coil questions.

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Sep 2, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    This is the third time I have posted to this group about the same tesla
    coil within two weeks, but I have new materials and questions that come
    with them. First, one of the postings said i want to look for 28 awg
    wire. I have alot of 40 awg wire, would this be two thin for a coil
    running on an input of 5-10 kv with a 40 nf capacitor bank? Also, I
    went super cheap on the toroid and bought three feet of aluminum dryer
    hose. After being shaped like a dougnut it had a nine inch diameter and
    is 4.5 inches tall. Is this too big for a coil 2.5 by 10 inches? I have
    some copper stranded speaker wire about 18 awg. would this be thick
    enough for a coil with this much power? And lastly how many turns
    should I use for this primary, and how far apart should I space them?
    if you can answer even just one question, I would greatly apprecieate
  2. amdxjunk

    amdxjunk Guest

    Sign up for the tesla mailing list, those guys have years of experience.
    They have built hundreds of tesla coils. They are very helpful to beginners.You might find your 40nf cap is to large.
    Mike K.
  3. The biggest problem I see is 40 AWG wire. I would keep shopping to get
    something anywhere from the mid 20's to the mid 30's rather than using 40.

    The top load seems large to me, but I see this being more of a problem
    if you also have the secondary wire size too thin and less of a problem if
    you do not. I would have the top load height about the same as the
    secondary diameter and width twice that. I have seen others do well with
    larger top loads (to better impair corona when voltage is really high) if
    everything else is optimized.

    18 gauge wire for the primary I see being thinner than optimum, but I
    see this doing only a little damage to the performance. I would
    experiment with the number of turns for best results, starting with about
    12 turns.

    - Don Klipstein ()
  4. Guest

    Thanks for your help. I'll keep your suggestions in mind. I hope to
    escape to one of my better local electronics stores an buy 28 awg wire
    for the secondary.
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