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More basic question about HBridge ....

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by :-), Feb 1, 2006.

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  1. :-)

    :-) Guest

    Hello :)

    I was heading to use sn754410 as hbridge for small dc motor.
    But I got some unresolved question ( it's my first try using hbridge ..)
    so :

    is it a good choice of chip ?

    It seems I don't need diode outside the output if I used 2 drivers for
    a full bridge on dc motor ?
    I am right ? ( the output schematic seems to say that ... )

    With the proper logical gate in front of the ic I will be able to used
    dynamic brake (as fount in other hbride) isn't ?

    In general is dynamic braking good for keeping your motor still ?
    or it is just a faster slowing down .

    Thanks :)
  2. :-)

    :-) Guest

    Well I am overwhelm by NO response to my previous answer ...

    So for whom it may be interesting there's some interesting datasheet of
    TI chips...

    Take a look at:
    (browse the ti section, there's many interesting others)

    interesting for steeper

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