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Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Roy J. Tellason, Oct 18, 2003.

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  1. Got three monitors here I'm getting ready to work on, and I'll be happy to
    list specific symptoms if anybody cares to know. What I'm wondering about
    at this point is whether service data is out there and readily available
    without too much expense, or what. Ideally it'd be out there on the 'net
    somewhere. <g> But if it's not too expensive it might be worth my while
    to buy 'em.

    I'm at the "I gotta fix these or get rid of them" decision point.

    The monitors are:

    NEC Multisync 3D (JC-1404HMA)
    NEC Multisync 2A (JC-1403HMA)
    Samsung Syncmaster 4 Plus (CCB-7571)

    Anybody familiar with these?
  2. Hi!
    Probably worth the fix unless something big has melted down inside...which I
    doubt. I have lots of NEC monitors that I have been given and while some
    have been broken, the repairs made have held up nicely. I bought a MultiSync
    95 new a few years ago because I was so pleased with the used ones I was
    Total junk...probably one of Samsung's worst. They seem to keep running, but
    I have a lot with bad focus, pictures that take forever to come up, or with
    some colors too pronounced while others are fine. I also have a hard time
    looking at them without getting a bad headache, and I know it isn't the
    source of video that is the problem.

  3. No, the 3D was in constant use here until I couldn't deal with the vertical
    foldover (at the top) any more. You could adjust the size downwards and
    it'd go away, leaving you with less than a full raster that was still
    viewable. The monitor was attached to a BBS machine (717-838-8539 if
    anybody's interested). The other problem with it was that it was not going
    all the way to a solid black level, the backgrouns was too high. This
    combination of symptoms leads me to suspect that there's a power supply
    common to the vertical output stage and the CRT biasing, though I still
    haven't gone into it yet, and don't remember ever getting into one of

    The other one, the 2A, simply displays but with insufficient width, and
    some slight distortion in the raster. I've only ever turned it on once
    since it was given to me a couple of years ago. I'm thinking low-voltage
    power supply, or something screwy in the horizontal output circuit. One
    of the reasons I'm interested in checking caps lately. :)
    I'm real sorry to hear that, as that's the biggest one out of the bunch and
    also promised the highest resolution out of any of them, 1280x1024 if I'm
    remembering right. That one's totally dead, it just worked one day and
    then it wasn't working any more, not even a power light. It was suggested
    to me probably HOT, but I don't know what else might be gone in there. I
    got it used, and don't have a clue as to what sort of shape it's in.
  4. David

    David Guest

    You can probably fix the two NEC ones without any kind of service
    information, just a good ESR meter.

    The Samsung will need some standard monitor/tv type of troublshooting out
    the gate and from that you could see if it is worth fixing from a technican

  5. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    For the one with the foldover you shouldn't even need an ESR meter, they're
    useful but they're not magic. You still have to know somewhat what to look
    for, in this case check electrolytic capacitors near the vertical output IC.
  6. I would start by checking the ESR of electrolytic caps in the relavent circuit

    Also note that a 2A will never get you a full width raster at normal refrest

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  7. I just don't want to go to the trouble of going in there and replacing the
    HOT and then finding it blowing again, or finding that it's got other
    stuff that's going to make it a major time-sink... I have too darn much to
    do and too little time to do it all in anyway! :)
  8. kc8adu

    kc8adu Guest

    the nec's are probably just some dried out caps in the rbg and vertical
    make sure the focus doesnt drift since that is how most nec flys fail.
    the samsung has a 99.99% chance of a dead tube.
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