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mointor speaker volume

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by B.Toff, Feb 1, 2004.

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  1. B.Toff

    B.Toff Guest

    I would like to use a small passive speaker as a monitor connected to my
    existing keyboard amp speakers, what would I need to insert in the lead so
    that I could alter the volume

  2. A pretty heavy-duty stepped resistor.

    Is this for gigs? Why not position your main speakers so you can
    hear them? If you set speakers back a bit, not only can you hear,
    you'll also turn them down a bit. Good for you, good for the

    Many times I've played a dirty trick. You turn the guitar or bass
    speaker so that it's pointing right at the player's head. "It's too
    loud!" they complain. "Yes, isn't it" I reply :)

    Sometimes they just grin. Then you're REALLY in trouble :)
  3. B.Toff

    B.Toff Guest

    Hi yes it is for gigs and maybe I diddn't explain correcty, I play all sorts
    of weird shaped small bars that involve having to put speakers in all sorts
    of positions, I have seen for sale wedge shaped passive monitors with volume
    knobs on, I have a few spare speakers and cabs and am trying to find out
    just what is inside the commercial ones so I can knock some of my own up
  4. Steve

    Steve Guest

    google "L pad volume control"
  5. B.Toff

    B.Toff Guest

    Thanks all
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