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Modulator PAL B/G 6.5 MHZ sound spacing to B/G 5.5 or 6 Mhz s. spacing

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    I have a small broadcast CABLE tv system. Using 12 Modulators
    which accept 12 Audio /Video signals and output composite RF signal.
    Each RF output of each Modulator will then feed a signal mixer. So
    there are 12 channels. The system is PAL B/G with 6.5 sound spacing.
    The problem is that most of the users have only PAL B/G 6 mhz
    Televisions. So the users can get the video picture but no sound OR
    Question is how I can tune the modulator with 6.5 mhz of sound spacing

  2. b

    b Guest

    ha escrito:
    If you are talking about the audio carrier, Pal BG is 5.5mhz and Pal I
    is 6mhz. There is no such thing as a ' Pal BG 6mhz
    telvision'....perhaps you need to rephrase your question, as it doesn't
    seem to make sense.
  3. Guest

    tks for your reply.
    Yes, The modulator is Pal B/G with 6.5 MHZ sound sub carrier. I need to
    make it back to Pal B/G WITH 6 MHZ SOUND SUB CARRIER.
    the modulators are ordered mistakenly with sound carrier 6.5 mhz apart
    from the video signal.
    I now need to tune it back to make it work in a country where the tv
    are pal b/g 5.5 or 6 mhz sound carrier.
  4. b

    b Guest

    .....6.0 ? 6.5? that's *not* pal B-G!!!

    pal D is 6.5
    pal I is 6.0

    what you mean to say is that you're trying to adapt a pal- D device to
    a pal-I.
    Usually this involves changing a few coils.

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