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Modify mp3 player

Discussion in 'Audio' started by codeguruakshay, Jan 18, 2014.

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  1. codeguruakshay


    Jan 18, 2014
    Hello everyone.

    I have an old mp3 player (Cowon S9) but the power button broke and I eventually bought a replacement. Now I want to use this to stream music in my car. I can solder on a new button and use it normally but I want it to turn on/off automatically with my car.

    Essentially I dont want to use the inbuilt battery power now. I want my player to turn on when it is plugged in (which it does anyways) and turn off when I disconnect it (which it starts using the battery).

    I have been thinking of ways to do this but I am drawing a blank. Some on the ideas I have so far:

    1. Add a reed relay near the battery which disconnects as soon as the usb power is disconnected. This should work but the problem is the only points from where I can harness the power for the relay coil are impossible to solder on. The other points also get power from the battery and therefore useless for me.

    2. Remove the battery all together and replace it with a capacitor of some sort. This in my head should behave like a battery but only that as soon as power is disconnected the capacitor will discharge quickly and turn off the mp3 player.

    Do you think the second idea would work? If it will what kind of capacitor should I use? A 4.7k uF electrolytic will work? Any other ideas that you guys have about this?

    Thanks everyone for reading!
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