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modem update

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by gravity, Jun 12, 2006.

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  1. gravity

    gravity Guest

    well this is no longer on the topic of electronics. i did several things to
    the 56k modem. i plugged it into a different power strip, adjusted the
    settings, tried new drivers. still 14 kbps.

    i found an old 28.8 modem which has doubled my speed. so i'll save up for a
    better 56k.

    it's a shame because the USR are $100 new. and i think my old one would
    flash to v92 standards. i might want to try some more 9 volt AC walwarts.

  2. default

    default Guest

    Sorry to hear you're having all this trouble. I like my old $120 USR.
    I thought the externals came with lifetime guarantees?

    I'm on my third one. Lightning ate the first two. Last call was
    years ago, but their customer service was pretty good, guy I talked to
    sounded knowledgeable and was quick to replace the bad ones.
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