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modem stops boot

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jun 27, 2006.

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  1. Guest

  2. Try sticking it in another slot; problem might just be in motherboard
  3. lsmartino

    lsmartino Guest

    ha escrito:
    A bad or shorted modem can block the PC. Return it to the seller or
    discard it.
  4. JANA

    JANA Guest

    This is mostly caused by a defective modem. You can try it in another slot
    to see if it is the mother board. Most likely you will have to replace the



    Pci dial-up modem blocks the PC when inserted
    below is the pci pinout and the card uses B/A 1-62
    do you think the cause is a short circuit on some of the power / other
  5. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    Test for shorts on the supply rails with a DMM. I've seen many shorts
    caused by tantalum filter caps.

    Otherwise it may be that one of the chips is hanging up the PCI bus.
    This could be the result of a lightning strike.

    - Franc Zabkar
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