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Mobile phone chargers without a phone - hype?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jul 13, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    So the latest buzz in the media is about being "green" by unplugging
    your mobile phone charger when it's not currently charging a phone.

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but isn't the only power
    consumed due to wire resistance in the primary winding of the
    transformer? Seems to me that should be miniscule.

    Now phones that don't disconnect the charging circuit when they are
    charged, and thus remain hot to the touch, would be a different
    story. But I have never encountered a phone with a lithium battery
    that did not possess such a cutoff.

    So is there any material value to this practice or is it like saving
    on gasoline by turning off the radio?
  2. sparky

    sparky Guest

    You could possibly save 14 cents per year by unplugging your charger
    when not in use. Not worth the bother!
  3. They're all switchmode now, but either way, the residual consumption of
    current while not in use still remains relatively close to miniscule.
    And they don't exist.
    And you won't. One side effect of gross overcharging is the batteries go
    bang in quite a spectacular manner.
    Like the other poster said. Cents per year saving, not worth the bother.

    The tripe originated from some moron who thought the phone chargers exist
    within a universe of their own. They don't, there are other considerations to
    determining the cost of ownership, cost to environment, and overall power
  4. It's worse than that. Due to the lack of knowledge of the press and the
    general public, it's better to blame global warming for anything these

    For example, when the river floods, instead of blaming lack of proper
    dams, maintaining pumps and so on, it's "global warming". Or in Africa
    if you have a bad year for mosquitos because you don't spray, don't
    use nets, etc, if you say people are dying because we are poor and
    have to spend our money on food instead of preventive measures, you
    get an "oh too bad" from people in the industrialized nations.

    If you publish a report that claims the increase in the population
    of mosquitos is due to global warming, then you get lots of relief

    It's also a matter of sense. For example, if you use a regular
    U.S. size electric dryer for one load a month less, it saves
    more electricity than your modems, cable boxes, and all those
    devices with timers in standby. However people would rather be
    "green" and unplug them, instead of simply doing one load less.

    Or for example microwaving your slice of quiche instead of
    using a toaster oven or a regular oven to heat it up.

    People here use washing machines that heat the water in them.
    An average load of clothes (around 7-8 pounds) costs almost
    4.5 kWh to wash. We use a larger Maytag washer and except for
    bathmats and towels, cold water (which never goes below
    60F anyway), doing twice as much laundry for .5kWh.

    You can't just turn off the heater, as the washers are
    designed to use short wash cycles is you don't heat the
    water. The more you heat it, the longer it runs. You
    simply can't have a long cold wash. :-(

    I understand that self heating washers are now being
    sold in the U.S. :-(

  5. Ah yes, forgot about that one. The old classic if you run out of ideas.
    What?! One load less of my dainty unmentionables?! I think not!
    Er, like pizza, it's best eaten cold. Or maybe it's just me.
    We've had them here in Australia for ages, but we've always been able to
    turn them off. Not a "direct" control of the heater as such, but there's
    always a "cold wash" option on the buttons. In fact, I don't ever remember
    NOT seeing it.

    Heating-only washers would have been further killed off after the hot
    water/cold water wash quality difference myth was spread around.

    The 'old school' was concerned about bacteria. Too bad it never made any
    difference anyway.

    Along with the general trend for water heaters to have the thermostat
    temperature turned down - not for power savings - but for burns safety. There
    was NEVER any mention of power saving on this point because it was introduced
    way before the tree huggers started whining.
  6. Guest

  7. mc

    mc Guest

    For example, when the river floods, instead of blaming lack of proper
    Or when we have 3 times as many houses using the same water supply as 10
    years ago, it's "freakish drought" and "global warming." (And so forth.)
  8. Gary Tait

    Gary Tait Guest

    Most chargers and things these days use switch-mode supplies.
    I don't know how much they draw unloaded.

    FWIW, I practice unplugging my various chargers when not in use (excepting
    the chager for an SLA flashlight which likes float charged). Unfortunately,
    a lot of my computer system remains "on" when unused.
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