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mobile phone battery

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by fredeee, May 20, 2013.

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  1. fredeee

    fredeee Guest

    My Nokia mobile phone only charges to 1 bar even when having been charged
    for several hours.

    What does this indicate? Is the battery simply dead? What could have
    caused this?
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    On Mon, 20 May 2013 16:20:39 +0800 fredeee wrote:-
    New battery needed.
  3. Damian

    Damian Guest

    What is the phone model?
  4. keithr

    keithr Guest

    Phone batteries have a finite lifetime.
  5. Petzl

    Petzl Guest

    Goodplace to check for a new Nokia one is "Big W"
  6. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    MUCH cheaper on the net.

    That's one thing I have always loved about Nokias,
    they use very few battery designs, so they are always
    readily available and dirt cheap.
  7. F Murtz

    F Murtz Guest

    $2 to $5 for my htc diamond and lasted just as long as original.
    The nokias were a little bit dearer but a fraction of what they cost at
    the phone shop.
  8. felix_unger

    felix_unger Guest

    a lot of the generic ones you get on eBay are crap tho
  9. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    $2 for the N95.

    I never did have any of the Nokia batterys die, and I kept each one for
    years too.
    Yeah, so cheap from the net that the price is academic.
  10. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    Haven't had any problem with any I have got.

    And that includes a double capacity battery for the laptop too.
  11. Geoff

    Geoff Guest

    My missus needs a new battery for her Toshiba laptop. Last one I
    bought from ebay lasted 6 months. Have you a link for the vendor
    you have successfully used please?
  12. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    Fraid not, that one is in an email on a machine whose hard drive
    fell on its face and I havent got around to recovering the old emails
    off that machine.

    That was a few years ago now that I bought it. I have found that
    with stuff I try to buy again a few years later, that earlier supplier
    I was happy with is long gone. Just discovered that with cheap
    glasses from china.
  13. F Murtz

    F Murtz Guest

    Office in Chatswood,glasses from China.
  14. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

  15. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    And it did. They are hopeless tho, the vertical legs of the
    saddle bridge don’t even contact the metal frame at all.
    The only connection with the metal frame is at the top,
    the horizontal part of the bridge. That’s not going to
    last very long with the legs in contact with the nose
    grease all the time.

    Their returns system is fucked too. They will give you
    a 50% discount on the replacement if you don’t like
    what they supplied, but you have to return the ones
    you didn’t like to the US and that costs most of the

    Main saving grace is that they are so cheap that
    its not big deal. I did get them to give me the
    50% discount on a new pair without having to
    return anything and I did plan to get a tinted
    pair if the first one was satisfactory, so I just
    ordered a new pair with tint. The frame was
    half the price of the saddle bridge pair,
    otherwise very similar in appearance.

    No big deal, they are both for use when out
    of the house and I will only be wearing the
    non tinted ones after dark so they should
    last fine since I don’t do that very often.
  16. Petzl

    Petzl Guest

    I use
    so far no problems and I buy the cheapest model
  17. F Murtz

    F Murtz Guest

    The ones I use for tv cost $18 including delivery.
    The bifocals (use when driving) cost $45 or so.
  18. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    The cheapest chinese are much cheaper than that.

    No problems with the ones I had before that.
  19. Petzl

    Petzl Guest

    These are posted from Hong Kong
    The add $10 for "postage"
    This is my 2nd pair from their special basket
  20. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    Mine came from Danyang (jiangsu)
    Only cost me $10 for Toll, full tracking 5 days including a weekend.
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