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mke300 microphone

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Paul Helpfull, May 17, 2005.

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  1. anyone know how to make a sennheiser mke300 microphone into a mke 300 d ??

    digital camcorders dont liek the mke300 so sennheiser made the mke300d, i beleive they added a capacitor or something simple

    anyway of knowing what they did so i can alter mine without having to but another 2 mics costing ?300?

    seems expensive for 2 capacitors if you know what i mean

  2. i guess this one no one knows?
  3. Bob Urz

    Bob Urz Guest

    Did you try to email sennies tech support and ask??????

  4. I asked someone who does and sent you the answer a few minutes ago
    per PM. What a pity: your address bounced ...


    who doesn't like faked e-mail-addresses
  5. post the answer on here please so everyone will know

    i thought thats what newsgroups were for??
  6. i have sent you a mail. thankyou
  7. ....

    There may always be a good reason for not sending the answer to
    the ng. And it's only the answer's author who is able to decide
    "ng or not ng" ...

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