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Mk VII Shopsmith Switch

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by RFord14999, Oct 20, 2003.

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  1. RFord14999

    RFord14999 Guest

    My Shopsmith all of a sudden wouldn't turn on. I checked the line in to the
    switch and have 110V at L1 & L2. No voltage out at the other L1 & L2, but
    there might not supposed to be. From there I don't know where to check next.
    The wiring diagram is too complicated for me. I am trying to find out if it is
    the switch, capacitor, relay or motor that has gone bad. The diagram is at
    Appreciate any help. Thanks.
    Bob Ford
  2. Guest

    I don't have a shopsmith, so I don't *know*, but my
    bet is that you should see 120 v across L1 and L2 on
    both sides of the switch when the switch is turned on.

    If it was mine, I would disconnect the plug, then install
    jumpers to connect L1 to L1 and L2 to L2. Next, turn the
    switch on. Finally, plug it in. If it runs, that demonstrates
    that the switch should connect L1-L1 and L2-L2 - and the
    switch is bad.
  3. If it was mine, I would disconnect the plug, then install
    And before you do this, make damn sure your circuit-breakers are
    working and perhaps install a GFCI while you're about it.
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