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Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes vs Digital Signal Oscilloscopes (MSO vs DSO)

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Nov 26, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    Im debating whether to get Bitscope's 310 MSO ( ):

    2 channel 100 MHz analog + 8 logic channels, 40 MS/s A/D, 256 kB
    buffer, analog waveform generator (10 MS/s),

    or Dynon's DSO ( ) :
    2 channel 80 Ms/s + 16 logic , 32k samples/channel, analog waveform
    generator ( 100 Ms/s)

    Theyre both $500, but the bitscope MSO seems more powerful, yet the
    Dynon comes with the probes, and serves as a power supply (100ma),
    clock generator.

    Anyone have an opinion one way or another on which is the better buy?
  2. rob

    rob Guest

  3. rob

    rob Guest

    Have you had a look at the site?
  4. Guest

    Looks nice, but their cheapest version (even without probes) is $900!
    I think $500 is my limit, otherwise I could get a REAL oscilloscope at
    Frys for $1100.
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