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Mitsubishi WD52725 DLP

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Never_Enough_Tools, Mar 17, 2007.

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  1. Hi Group,

    My Mitsubishi DLP TV shut off without warning last night.....Now it does lights, no sound, no anything. It is plugged into a surge
    suppressor strip and everything else on there works fine. I also plugged
    into another outlet just to be sure.

    Won't go on by remote, front panel button, NADA ...... :(

    I pressed the little SYSTEM RESET button on the front, NADA....... :(

    I bought this thing cause my last Mits TV is going on 12 yrs without a
    hitch.....This one needed a lamp at 14mos, went out with NO warning (should
    be one) --

    Got the lamp replaced, then got the on screen lamp warning message 2 mos
    later ????
    Pulled the lamp, put back in, got the "did you replace lamp message", and it
    was OK till now.

    I'm sure these two event are not related, when the lamp went I still had
    indicator lights on the front panel lit up.....As I said I've got NADA :(

  2. False alarm guys.....Well DID stop working...

    I unplugged the TV and left it while doing some cleaning and such around the
    entertainment center.....when I plugged it back in the Front LED flashed for
    30 sec or so (this is what it does after a power interruption) then it
    worked as normal !!! :))

    The electronic gods have smiled upon me today ... Joy ;)

    If only I could remember this next time......and maybe this will help
    someone else.

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