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mitsubishi wd-52525 tv problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by mk, Jun 1, 2006.

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  1. mk

    mk Guest

    We have a mitsubishi wd-52525 tv which has starting acting really
    weird the last week. The problem is that the device menu command on
    the remote turn off the tv within half a minute or so. Volume/mute
    buttons on the tv work. And if you press the device button on the
    remote the volume/mute stop working and tv turns itself off within
    half a minute. The tv menu button works but after getting the tv menu,
    trying to go into audio/video icon does the same thing. This problem
    is not isolated to the remote. If I press the device button on the tv
    itself, I get exactly the same behavior. I have no idea what's going
    on. Any help ? The bottom line is that I am stuck at watching the dish
    but can't change to Xbox to watch dvds. I got the service manual on
    ebay to see if there is I can figure out but I'd appreciate if anyone
    here has any suggestions. It seems as if the device button on the
    remote or the tv cause a short ? somewhere and the tv turns itself
    off. Any experience with anything like this?


    MONTECH Guest

    . Initialize settings by pressing "menu, 2, 4, 7, 0 enter" after
    settings have been initialized press the system reset button on the
    front once the LED stops blinking, reprogram the netcommand and tuner
    settings. 2. (Initialization and reset does not help) Suspect the DM
    PCB part # 934C116002
  3. mk

    mk Guest

    Thanks a lot. Initialization & reset took care of the problem. Now
    everything is back to normal.
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