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Mitsubishi VZ5 No convergence

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Robert, Nov 1, 2005.

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  1. Robert

    Robert Guest

    I have a Mitsubishi 45" PTV Model # VS-45603 Chassis # VZ5 in my shop
    which has a convergence problem. The convergence is off Horizontally
    and vertically in all areas of the raster for all colors. The customer

    menu convergence adjustments do not move the crosshairs in any
    direction for any color. I am not familiar with this chassis and don't
    have service data for it. I have data and experience on the VZ2

    This VZ5 chassis uses 2 STK392-110 ICs mounted on a board on the left
    side (As viewed from the rear) of the plastic tray. The signal board
    is in the middle, and the deflection/PS board is on the right. I have
    a data sheet on the STK392-110s from Sanyo, but I don't knwo what the
    proper voltages are for the pins. What are the common causes of this
    problem? Also, I would appreciate a scan of the convergence schematics

    and powers supplies for the convergence circuitry. Thank You!

    Robert McPherson
    Louisville, KY

    (502) 367-9324 OR (502) 298-6997
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