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Mitsubishi VS-4571 video problem (0/1)

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Noah, Jul 19, 2003.

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  1. Noah

    Noah Guest

    Help! My boss gave me his broken Mitsubishi 45" projection TV. Said
    video went out came back the next day and then went out again.
    I plugged it in and watched TV for three days before it went out.
    Now TV picture takes about 5-20 mins to come up and it is
    intermittently jittery and picture goes out until it just stops. OSD
    is not affected.

    Ok, let me just say "I'm not a TV repair man or electrical engineer"
    I like to tinker and I can solder a bit. My brother can help me with
    the testing of components.
    I'm just looking for expertise to tell me where to start or give me
    Some research on the internet says some TVs of this model had problems
    with cracked solder on the metal pins in the vertical winding
    connections on the yokes.
    Other messages suggest a vert sync failure. Any suggestions would be
    appreciated. I have attached pictures and a small movie file from my
    digital camera and can send more of TV innards if needed.

    Also if anyone knows where I can get schematics for cheap, please let
    me know. Thanx.

  2. Bill Jr

    Bill Jr Guest

    First and foremost is the fact that this newsgroup is for text only.
    Please refrain from posting binary attachments here.
    If you must post a picture to show a problem, please post it elsewhere and
    show a link to it in your future postings to this newsgroup.

    Now for your problem.
    Your most likely failure is the PIP module.
    They have surface mounted caps that like to leak and eat up copper runs.
    The PIP module problems are well documented and can be bypassed.
    Do a google search for Mitsubishi and PIP and you will see what I mean.

    Good Luck,
    Bill Jr
  3. Noah

    Noah Guest


    Thanx. I appreciate the info. I also apologize for the binary post
    and will refrain from doing it in the future.

  4. Once you find where the electrolyte has leaked on the circuit boards you
    will need to clean the debris away and inspect the physical print for
    etching away or breaks. The material in the electrolyte has a way or
    destroying the traces on the pcbs. This can result in a major FUBAR
    requiring the service literature to determine just where the original traces
    originate and terminate.
  5. Good advice other than the PIP info. This set had no PIP according to the
    Mits chassis reference. Likely bad caps. All boards need to be checked
    VERY carefully.

    This is a V13 chassis, typically find a handfull to 60 bad caps on these

    Leonard Caillouet
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