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Mitsubishi VS-4543 looses picture

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Mike, May 30, 2007.

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  1. Mike

    Mike Guest

    i got a call yesterday of a mitsubishi that had convergence gittering that
    goes away when tapping the TV, and eventually but intermittently, the
    picture will go, but the sound stays working.
    Well, i went out there yesterday to service it, and it was reeked with bad
    solderjoints, so i resoldered the main board. the convergence gittering went
    away, and had a nice picture. it stayed on for a good 30 minutes or so.

    but i got a return call again today, saying the picture is still going
    black. she said the picture wont come back on unless the TV sits for awhile.
    She also mentioned that if the TV is left on with the sound playing,
    eventually maybe an hour or so, the picture will come back by itself.

    See that sounds like bad solder, but i already got most of that.

    the convergence has been fixed, but the picture still goes dead at random
    intervals, it could last an hour, sometimes 2, sometimes all day, then other
    times maybe 10 minutes.

    I went over the board with solder, so i know that cant be the issue. unless
    there is another board i missed somewhere. I did see a couple of riser
    boards on the mainboard, but i didnt get to those.

    Any ideas? anyone had this issue with this chassis before?
  2. Golf

    Golf Guest

    I found some info on this model for same problem. Assuming the on
    screen display works (vertical IC OK), check/resolder yoke plug on all
    PCB's. Any one of these could cause this symptom. Obviously you could
    tap each connector to see if video comes back which points to
    defective plug. Good luck.
  3. Resolder the connections at the yokes under the little gray cover on the
    small PCB.

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