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Mitsubishi TV Sound Problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by CW3X, Aug 14, 2003.

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  1. CW3X

    CW3X Guest

    I have a 15-year old Mitsubishi 20" TV which has never given me any
    trouble. Unfortunately, after an extended power outage this week, when I
    turned on the TV, there was no sound (though the picture was fine).
    However, when I tried my DVD and VCR (whose sound is routed through my
    receiver and then to the TV's RCA inputs), the sound came through my
    TV's speakers clearly.

    There is no problem with the sound when I watch TV using my VCR as a
    tuner (but as many of my basic channels are scrambled this is only a
    temporary option). I thought it might be a problem with the cable box so
    I swapped it out for a new one and I still had the same problem.

    It seems that it might be a problem with with the sound coming from the
    antenna input. (In addition, I've noticed that it seems to take a little
    longer for the TV's picture to come on when I power up.)

    Any ideas of what this might be and whether it's worth repairing. I
    don't really want to get a new TV right now so I'd be open to any
    suggestions. (I was thinking that a workaround might be to split the
    sound off from the antenna input and drive it through the audio inputs
    but I'm not sure how practical that is.)

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