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Mitsubishi TV model CS35MX1 weird audio problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    I got this set in for a picture problem. I bypassed the PIP and
    restored the pix but before doing this I noticed that the right
    channel audio was out. I initially concentrated on the PIP and after
    bypassing it and testing the set I noticed a humming sound from the
    right channel. The humming slowly increases in amplitude and after
    awhile it would occur in about one second bursts. The duty cycle, (for
    want of a better term) of these bursts eventually speeds up and after
    perhaps 30 more seconds short bursts of sound are then heard, (hum,
    sound, hum, sound, etc), until the sound stays on permanently.
    I found three caps in the audio circuit with somewhat high ESR and
    replaced them. Two were 100uf 10V and the third was a 22uf 50V. This
    however didn't seem to make much difference. There are two RCA outputs
    on the back of the set and they are both good. Has anyone seen this
    problem on one of these sets before? Thanks for any assistance. Lenny
    Stein, Barlen Electronics.
  2. David Farber

    David Farber Guest

    I know you mentioned the audio problem is in the right channel but maybe
    this tip will let you think outside the box, no pun intended.

    From an old Mitsubishi tip file:
    Symptom: Int.distorted left audio.

    Check for continuity of the grounding points on the heat sink of IC3A2
    located on the main-pcb.

    Good luck.
  3. Nothing weird about this one at all. It is very typical in this set. Start
    looking for more caps. You will find 1-2 dozen bad ones. Look in the 5 and
    12 volt supplies, vertical circuit, power supply, etc.

  4. Guest

    Thanks for the help guys. I'm going to have another look at this one.
    Thought it might be easy. I guess not. Lenny.
  5. Guest

    Grounding the input to the audio output chip eliminates the hum so I
    have chased the problem to an area before the output circuit but with
    the chassis up on end and very short wire lengths it gets very
    difficult at this point. Does anyone by chance have a schematic for
    this set? Thanks very much. Lenny.
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