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Mitsubishi TV CS-2725 Vertical Problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Lidia, Dec 14, 2004.

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  1. Lidia

    Lidia Guest

    Approximately 10 year old TV About 2 years ago started to get vertical fold at
    top goes away as it warms up. Now have vertical jitter with horizontal lines,
    looks as if it is loosing vertical sweep. It occurs from cold start and goes
    away after warm up but occasionally reoccurs intermittently. Cold solders
    connection or is it vertical output device? Any ideas? TIA

    Change notme to LOCATED and nowhere to ATT
  2. Sofie

    Sofie Guest

    Probably neither of your suggestions are the fault.
    More than likely there are faulty, dried up, or otherwise high ESR
    electrolytics that need to be replaced. If you do not have an ESR meter to
    test them then just replace them all in the V Deflection output circuitry...
    probably only about a half dozen, not that expensive. Also, if your Mits
    television has PIP, the problem could be also located in the PIP module....
    faulty SMD electrolytics and corroded pcb traces would be to blame. While
    doing the repairs you should obviously resolder any suspect or cracked
    solder connections.
    This is usually not a real expensive repair at most shops. In order for
    you to make an intelligent repair decision you should TAKE your television
    to a service shop for a diagnosis and repair cost estimate...... much more
    accurate than internet or telephone wild guesses.
  3. This model typically has electrolytic capacitors that leak electrolyte and
    go high in ESR. The problem likely extends well beyond the vertical
    circuit. We typically find at least a dozen bad caps in this model,
    sometimes 2 or 3 dozen. If you don't get them all, you will likely not have
    good reliability from the unit. I'd get it to someone who fixes a lot of
    Mitsubishi, as others will not be inclined to check thoroughly for leakage
    and will not likely be thorough in cleaning and repairing any damage tot he
    circuit board. Most techs check caps for ESR and don't catch a lot that are
    starting to leak, which has to be done with visual inspection and by using
    the "smell test". I go behind other techs all the time who have fixed sets
    with leaky caps and only fixed the immediate symptom, only to have another
    failure in another area soon after.

    If a tech doesn't tell you up front on this model that he will need to check
    every electrolytic cap in the set for leakage, you are dealing with the
    wrong shop.

  4. Lidia

    Lidia Guest

    Thank you for the responses. I repaired TV's long ago but I'm lost in today's
    sets. Also, no schematic but that would not help, as I'm not conversant with
    many of the symbols. Based on your recommendations I'll take it to the store I
    purchased it from, they have a service department. Much obliged.

    I've got an analog mind in a digital world, Lidia.
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