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Mitsubishi Screen Replacement

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Larry Fowkes, May 7, 2007.

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  1. Larry Fowkes

    Larry Fowkes Guest

    A person I work with has a Mitsubishi WD-52531 big screen television. I
    believe this is a DLP projection set? He called earlier today and although
    he did not give me details apperently someones foot ( his I would guess)
    was kicked through the screen. Aside from the idiot enrolling into anger
    management classes what is involved in replacing the screen assembly and
    where can it be obtained. I have to guess that there are some rather precise
    alignment issues? Is this a job to be referred to an authorized service
    center only or is it likely to be so expensive that even though the set is
    less then a year old it is not worth the expense?

    Appreciate any input ... Larry
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Lemme guess. Bush supporter?
  3. Larry Fowkes

    Larry Fowkes Guest

    I don't think Ben is really very political, just apperently an idiot.
  4. "Technologically advanced high-definition 52-inch 720p rear-projection LCD
    TV with two built-in HD (ATSC) tuners"

    I assume a factory authorized center can repair this economically.
  5. Larry Fowkes

    Larry Fowkes Guest

    Just for anyones information who is in ths situtation. We called
    Mitsubishi's 800 number and were transferred to their parts department. The
    inner screen and outer cover and special tape required for installation were
    in stock and came to around $350.00 delivered. An expensive outburst for
    sure (turns out it was his wifes foot ...hmmm) but not as bad as I had
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