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Mitsubishi Rear Projection - VS-50607

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by pbabin, Nov 5, 2005.

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  1. pbabin

    pbabin Guest

    This link shows the symptoms for the Mits TV. Has anyone seen this type of
    problem before? Solution?

    Do you have any suggestions on service literature? I don't work on TVs
    usually so I don't know if it's best to try to get a Sam's manual or maybe
    try to get one from Mitsubishi.

    Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions.
  2. Guest

    1. Capacitors, from a few to several of them, maybe more than 100,
    depends on specific model and age of Mitz. Use a good ESR meter,
    magnifying glass, and smell test to weed out as many as possible.

    2. Crt coolant leak. Use a good light and inspect for coolant damage
    to the boards. The board may be damaged beyond repair in which case a
    call to Mitz customer service will be in order, they might help. It
    will have to be diagnosed by a Mitz authorized servicer for the
    official diagnosis if this is the case.

    None the less, I would suggest you call on a Mitz RPTV well experienced
    shop and technician to do the job that has the service manual and
    experience. It may cost $300-$400 but the set is worth the effort to
    have it fixed completely and correctly.
  3. Not likely on this model. Maybe a handfull of bad caps at the most. If
    any, you might find a low voltage regulator filter cap, but the Mits sets
    with large numbers of capacitors were several chassis designs prior to this
    This would be my bet with that kind of symptom. These sets have had lots of
    coolant leaks but relatively few problems besides that. Rare that a set
    that is still working to this degree would have a board that is damaged
    beyond repair. We fix them all the time. It is good advice to go to
    someone who is familiar with these sets and has repaired lots of set with
    leaks. It can make the difference between a diagnosis of unrepairable and a
    reapir cost of $200-$400.

  4. Guest

    In this particular case is is an electrolytic filter located right near
    the jungle IC. Just had one. Very few other bad caps in this specimen.

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