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Mitsubishi projection problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Ted, Sep 5, 2004.

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  1. Ted

    Ted Guest

    No picture on a VS6041. Thinking maybe a PIP board problem. PIP board is
    #930C812 With ge and gf ports marked, one being a 9 pin and the other
    Which ones should be used to bypass with caps?

    any thoughts?
  2. Bill Jr

    Bill Jr Guest

    More than likely lost vertical deflection.
    This model only blanks for vertical loss.
    Check the 1.2 ohm resistor that supplies the vertical B+
    If open, replace the vertical output IC and it's associated electrolytic
    This model is also famous for leaking coolant.
    Look for the obvious.

    Good Luck,
    Bill Jr

    BTW, PIP board in this model is seldom problematic.
    FS board usually has leaky caps.
  3. This set is not one with the PIP modules that typically have leaky caps.
    More likely
    a problem with a vertical output, video switching, or a coolant leak.

  4. JURB6006

    JURB6006 Guest

    In addition to what they all said, also the connections on the yokes go bad.

    If you got square waves at the output of the vertical IC and nothing on the
    return that's it. I've seen it more than once.

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