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Mitsubishi PIP Bypass - Help

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Joel Elias, Nov 28, 2004.

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  1. Joel Elias

    Joel Elias Guest

    My Mitsubishi CS-35601 has a bad PIP board. Replacing all the caps is beyond
    my level of incompetence, but I think I could handle making a bypass.
    Searching newsgroups and the web I found a few different configurations for
    the bypass and I would appreciate some help in making sure I get it right. I
    pulled the board and found the following identification information.

    The part number on the board is 930B552.
    There is a paper tag on the board with the ID P05010865

    Help in getting this right would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance - Joel
  2. Guest

    7 Mitsubishi PIP bypass sites:

    The following is the "official" mod from MGA -

    1) Parts req'd - two [email protected] NP electrolytic caps
    2) Remove existing PIP module
    3) Install one cap from pin 5 to pin 11 on the VP connector
    4) Install the other cap from pin 7 to pin 9 on the VP connector

    I Found A Combination That Works To Bypass The Pip 05 Module. Hook Up A
    ..01 Cap Between Pins 7 And 9 Of Vp. Place A [email protected] Elec. Cap Positive
    Lead On Pin 5 Of Vp Plug. Solder The Neg Lead To A 4700 1/2 Watt Res &
    Solder The Other Res Lead To Pin11. Solder A 2700 Ohm 1/2 Watt Resistor
    Good Color & Sync On All Channels.

    Found This One The Sci.Electronics.Repair Forum....Did Not Try It Yet
    But May Be A Good Fix !

    What We'Ve Done For This Model Is To Put A 2.7k And 4.7k Resistor In
    Series With The (-) Leg Of The 47uf Cap To Ground And Tap The Junction
    Of The 2 Resistors And Run That To Pin 11. A Simple Voltage Divider.
    Did A Lot Of Experimenting With Potentiometers To Determine The Values
    Needed. You Could Always Use A 10k Pot To Do This And Would Have
    Something That Is Adjustable. You Will Need About 1.7v P-P At Pin 11
    When Done Instead Of Around 2.7v P-P That You Get When Simply Bypassing
    With That 47uf Cap

    here's another

    Change R7050 1.2k , R7024 1.8k , R7051 1.8k , R7002 1.5k R7034 Should
    Be 0 Ohm And May Already Be That Value R7011 Remove And Discard. R7029
    470k And May Already Be That Value

    Dartmouth,Nova Scotia
  3. Joel Elias

    Joel Elias Guest

    Thanks Sidney for the reply. In my web and NG searches, I did find most of
    the references you cited. My problem is too much information. I am not a
    tech and rebuilding the board is clearly beyond my abilities. There are
    several references to different bypass configs that I could probably put
    together but I am not in a position to make a rational choice between them.

    Does anyone know of a bypass fix that WILL work well with the CS35601 with
    all video inputs?

    I've also seen a bypass kit on sale at eBay for $15 from TipsMaster color TV
    Repairs. Does anyone have any info on what this consists of and whether it
    will work on a CS35601? Other pre-made bypasses?

    Another option is to try to find someone to rebuild the board for me or find
    a rebuilt board. Any suggestions?

    I really don't want to put a lot of money into a 15+ year-old TV so am
    looking for low-cost options.

    Thanks in advance - Joel
  4. IIRC with the XX601 models you have to compensate for the different input
    and output levels of the video for the PIP module. It is a little more
    complex than a simple cap bypass. Look at the NESDA Ohio site links for the
    specific answers to your question.

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