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Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 720 Monitor

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by MattD.., Sep 6, 2004.

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  1. MattD..

    MattD.. Guest

    Help, please! I have a rather nice Diamond Pro FST monitor with a very
    annoying fault and I have no schematic. It seems to have no vertical sync,
    even without a signal. Now, I understand that certain Mitsubishi monitors
    need different high density 15 pin D sub connctions, but this has its
    original cable and also exhibits this fault on power on with the "Power
    Save Mode" dialogue, which dances up and down the screen randomly before
    changing the power mode. Applying a signal yields the same result in any
    resolution with the vertical hold being lost after about two minutes
    continuous on.

    I have checked for the usual: Dry joints, noise on the PSU rails with the
    'scope etc. but to no avail.

    Any pointers, experts? Also, if anyone has a schematic for this beast, I'd
    appreciate a copy, all costs covered, of course. It's far too good to give
    up on and bin or pull to bits for spares.
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