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Mitsubishi CS2566R TV - top shrinking

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by P.Schuman, Feb 9, 2007.

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  1. P.Schuman

    P.Schuman Guest

    We have a really nice Mitsubishi TV - 25" - from 1985 -
    model CS-2566R - in a heavy wooden frame

    Recently, the top of the screen has started to shrink down,
    leaving about 1" gap at the top of the picture.
    It seems like that entire area is being painting
    into a thin "line" by the gun....

    So - how bad is it ?
  2. Not bad at all. Some capacitors in the vertical circuit are failing.
    Repair it now or the vertical output IC may fail raising the cost of repair.
  3. P.Schuman

    P.Schuman Guest

    After I take the back off, I'd probably be lost, or at least zapped by the HV.

    Does anybody actually do this kind of troubleshooting & repair these days ?

    I had a VCR that was acting flakey - and they wanted more than a new one cost...
    Now the new one is starting to not rewind all the way to the beginning,
    but since we got our TiVo - we actually haven't used it in probably 6 months.
  4. P.Schuman

    P.Schuman Guest

    took it to a local Mitsubishi listed repair facility...
    cost about $116 - at $75/hr -
    replaced a handful (7) small caps + 2 driver transistors. (TR-2SC2168)

    It was worth it for this 25" wood cabinet monster.
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