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Mitsubishi CS-27EX1 TV setup info needed

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by George Newton, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. I'm trying to help a neighbor setup her used Mitsubishi CS-27EX1 tv for
    cable that someone bought for her: no manual and no factory remote.

    The physical buttons behind the small door are minimal:

    A/V reset (not sure what this does)

    Input: allows for DVD/VCR (this is working)

    Vol (up arrow and down arrow)

    Scan (up arrow and down arrow) allows for seven channels so
    far with the cable hooked up.

    Millenium Cable says that the on-screen menu needs to be opened
    and the channel setup selected, but we can't find a way to
    make any on-screen menu appear.

    Again, no factory remote, but we have a low-end universal remote
    that changes the channels, vol, etc, but the tv does not appear to
    respond to the Menu button on the remote: I suspect that's for the
    dvd menus.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Guest

    Attn. ALL Mitsubishi owners. Recently a new remote has come out lauded
    as being able to run ANY Mitsubishi. It has not let me down. Even QV+9
    works to unlock the TV.

    They are aftermarket, and not expensive. I think they are only like
    $20 or so. I have not yet found a function I cannot do with it,
    including the service menu.

    Incedentally, it works ANY Mits, so beware of keys you do not know
    what do. If they have included a code for the function of something
    else, which was for a Mits from the eighties, this key wipes out setup
    data. When you get this remote, use it for what you need on it and put
    it away. Use a universal for day to day operations.

    I have had this happen, the power button on the really old Mits remote
    fries all the convergence data. Luckily it didn't wipe the DA values,
    which are required to tweak the system to a certain cabinet/size. It
    happens when you turn it off. I don't know exactly what it might do to
    a direct view like yours.

    Probably nothing, I will get a final shipped price if we have any in
    stock right now. We should be able to take a CC by phone, so I could
    have it in the mail or UPS same day or next day.

    Almost any remote will get you direct entry for the channels, but you
    need to have an enter button. Until you can autoprogram it, that's how
    it is.

    I'll find out how much they are, I doubt over thirty bucks, even
    shipped maybe. I'll let you know.

  3. Art

    Art Guest

    Jurb: Very good information!!! Thanks Indeed A/J The contact information
    for it's availability would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Jurb,

    Thanks for the reply. I look forward to any follow-up.
  5. Guest

    I'll find out. At this time I might be only able to sell a few, the
    boss might want to make a few bucks until I find out where they come
    from. I say letum if it solves the problem.

    The major problem is having the service info so you don't FUBAR
    everything. Mits service menus are generally addressed by the video
    and audio buttons. Some of the older ones are bidirectional, these are
    not, but the menu does "wrap around", it's just if you miss one you
    have to go all the way to the end and get back to it. I have the chart
    to get into the service menus for all Mitses up to about 2006, but I
    do not have complete instructions. This could be dangerous.

    I'll find out. He might tell me where to get them, he might not. We'll

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