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Mission MS10 Subwoofer s53ami component

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by jetskimatty, Nov 22, 2006.

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  1. jetskimatty

    jetskimatty Guest

    Hi there!
    I have a mission ms10 subwoofer.
    It died a few months ago and since the local engineer looked at it, i
    seems that I need a new component for it called a "s53 ami" powe
    amplifier module.
    The company that originally manufactured the board have gone out o
    business and I have emailed Hardman Karmon, Jbl and Mission about th
    problem and they say I may as well throw it away!!
    Can anyone please help me with this as I really don't want to throw i


  2. jakdedert

    jakdedert Guest

    Look up Parts Express on the web. They has a variety of 'plate'
    subwoofer amps, one of which might be a drop-in replacement for yours.
    If not, I'll bet they have something which could be adapted for around $100.

  3. Jim Land

    Jim Land Guest

    If you do some Googling, as I just did, you will find out that you are
    not the only person in the world who had this problem with a subwoofer
    powered by the S53AMI. The web is full of people whose sub stopped
    working when the S53AMI blew. Transistors blew up. A capacitor had a
    bad habit of blowing up. When they replaced the S53AMI, the replacement
    blew up.

    The speaker manufacturers (including JBL and Infinity) and their factory
    service centers had lots of problems on their hands with replacing
    S53AMIs and making modifications to the circuit to try to make it more
    reliable. They finally gave up on repairing units and instead offered
    discounts on more recent subwoofer models. And then the S53AMI wasn't
    available any more.

    There's an interesting discussion thread over at where some audio
    freaks actually opened the metal can and removed the epoxy encapsulation
    of an S64AMI (similar to your S53AMI) so they could trace the circuit and
    measure component values. What they found is very discouraging. They
    say it's a digital amp, class D, Harris circuit. No heat sinks on the
    output transistors. And poor circuit design throughout, making for a
    very cheap module to build, but very poor reliability.

    In summary, you *don't* want to replace the S53AMI in your subwoofer,
    even if you could find one. You want to buy a new, different amplifer to
    replace what's in your subwoofer, as another poster has suggested. They
    are not that expensive, and will put new life into your subwoofer. So
    you don't have to throw it away!
  4. jetskimatty

    jetskimatty Guest

    Lovely Job thanks.
    I'll look for another amp to put inside it then. Thanks everyone fo
    all your help!!


    perhaps? Or similar?
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