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MIssion cambridge amplifier

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Cees Keyer, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. Cees Keyer

    Cees Keyer Guest

    Dear All

    I've got a Mission Cambridge pre-amplifier.
    I took it apart due and made digital pictures of the equipment, except
    had an hard disk crash. Lost all the pictures, so i can't reassemble it.
    And guessing it is a huge risk (it is not mine).

    Any one out there with a complete circuit schematic or has pictures of
    the inside (cable harness from power supply to amp board.)

    in advance
  2. Guest

    And you deleted the pix from the memory card too? When the computer
    is repaired get a USB drive to back that stuff up. Sorry I can't help
    with the amp.

  3. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    And you deleted the pix from the memory card too? When the computer
    is repaired get a USB drive to back that stuff up. Sorry I can't help
    with the amp.

    Yes, I thought that it was odd that the pix had gone from the camera as
    well. Memory cards are so cheap now that I never delete anything from my
    camera. When the card gets full, I just replace it with a new empty one, and
    archive the full one away as my 'negatives'. Sorry also. I don't have any
    info on the Mission, but it can't be that hard to reassemble correctly, can
    it ? Most decent equipment uses different sized or shaped connectors at each
    point, to preclude the possibility of refitting them incorrectly. Also,
    after years of laying and being ty-wrapped in one place, a harness will
    normally re-lie round about where it should be, if offered back in, and it
    will be obvious where each connector goes. As a matter of interest, why did
    you find it necessary to dismantle to this level in the first place ?

  4. Cees Keyer

    Cees Keyer Guest

    Yes i deleted the pictures of the memory card as well.

    I took it apart due to the awkward ticking noise it made.
    Every 4 5ish second it made a tick sound, so the power supply was taken
    out for checking the capacitors on ESR and leakage.
    It is quite compact build so the inter pcb wiring was removed from the
    pads. And i can't figure it out where what wire came from.
    Schematics or service information is not available, even from the
    distributor in the Netherlands.

  5. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    Ah, I see, you had to unsolder the wires. That explains it. Well, if it's
    just the power supply to main board harness in a preamp, there surely can't
    be that many wires, can there ? What is there - a ground or two maybe and a
    positive and negative rail pair for the opamps ? As you know where the wires
    go to at the preamp end, assuming that they are still attached to the preamp
    board, then it shouldn't be difficult to determine where they came from on
    the power supply. I'm willing to bet that if the loom had been in there a
    long time, it's going to have formed itself into some sort of shape that
    it's probably still fundamentally got. That should at least give you a clue
    as to the general area that each wire goes to.

  6. Adrian C

    Adrian C Guest

    Model number?
  7. Cees Keyer

    Cees Keyer Guest

    MOdel number is 778
    tnx in advance
  8. Guest

    If you haven't filled the card with new photos, this software can work
    wonders - as it has for me.

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